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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne Werribee Geelong

One of the most important poses in baby photo shoots we work on capturing during your session shows your little one's "teeny-tininess".  Its the first thing that disappears as they grow, as their nappy and singlet sizes get bigger, as they become more aware and get wriggly; that hold-their-head-in-the-palm-of-one-hand-fingers-wrapped-around-your-pinky-make-it-look-huge size is the first thing you struggle not to forget...  At Jamelia Photography We work with Mummy and/or Daddy to pose them and baby in as many of the portraits that we can to emphasise their tiny delicateness. 

The Image below was captured in our Werribee Photo Studio in December 2012 and just a few months later this little one is such a chubba!  He's holding his head up, smiling, looking directly at the camera and has cheeks so chubby you can't help but want to pinch them.  As a general rule, newborn babies triple in weight and their length increases buy half their birth-length all within their first year..   

Being a mother our owner and primary photographer knows exactly how it feels to be a new mother, how hard it can be to leave the house and all the stuff you need to bring, trying to work around an impossible schedule, if you're luck enough to have one yet, and you're exhausted...  But to truly capture these moments at this time in their lives is totally worth the effort.  

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